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Is this a common sight in your car? Most parents answer YES. As a mom of two little ones, this was very common as we travel quite often. Like most little ones, my PeeWee's don't like to travel long distances in the car. So we try to travel early in the morning when the kids are still sleeping or at naptime. However, they could never get comfortable enough to sleep soundly. I was always rolling receiving blankets up and placing them next to their heads, but they would slide right out. After searching all my local stores, and the Internet, I couldn't find something that would work for my PeeWee's. So, with my PeeWee's help trying out different models, we came up with the perfect solution... PeeWee Pillow!

The PeeWee Pillow is a travel pillow originally designed for infants and toddlers, however they come in all sizes and are great for older children who have moved onto booster seats or no car seats at all to adult sizes as well.

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