What is the PeeWee Pillow  

 The Perfect Travel Pillow for all ages, with sizes to fit infants to men.  Originally designed for Infants and Toddler, I quickly found everyone liking the design of the thin neck and customers wanting them in all sizes. Unlike other products on the market, the PeeWee Pillow doesn't attach to the car seats or any other parts of the car, so it doesn't interfere with any safety devices. It can be removed from around the neck while the child is awake, and they don't ever feel smothered. The pillow is very narrow at the back of the neck to keep from pushing the Child's head forward into a very uncomfortable position. It's design makes it easy for kids to put on and off as they like. With the many fun patterns, kids get attached to it easily and love to use them, often becoming one of their favorite items.

Choosing a Size

 This picture is of my daughter at 11 months old. She is wearing the small/toddler pillow. The Small Pillow is the original size (I wasn't making the extra small-infant pillow at the time), as you see it does work at her age but for more petite toddlers I suggest starting with the infant size. Also, car seats have changed a lot over the past few years and some have a lot more padding on the sides. If this is the case for yours I also suggest the extra small pillow or contact me for a special order pillow which will be between the two (not so wide on the sides). My sister in-law used the infant pillow with her son till he was about 2 1/2 years old. My children used the Small pillows till 5 (son) and 6 (daughter) which they then moved onto the Medium – Child Pillow. I hope this helps when picking a size.


Pillow Sets and Bags

Be sure to take a look at our Infant Combo Set, Pillow with matching Blankets and Bag Sets which come with both the extra small and small pillow (to grow into),  a matching blanket and then the fun bags to take everything on the go!
They Make GREAT Baby Shower Gifts.


The Man Blanket

 The Man Blanket is just as it sounds, a blanket designed for a man.
It is about 5' wide and 8' long (can be special ordered longer if need be), perfect size to keep you mans chest and feet warm at the same time.  No more cold feet or having to use two blankets to stay warm while lounging on the couch.  Made with very soft Velboa Faux Fur, which doesn't shed and washing beautifully!  You will love the soft feel and weight of the fabric - with different colors to choice from.  The woman or child in the house will want one of their own.  Matching Pillows can also be ordered.   If you prefer your favorite sports team for the fabric just send me a note and we'll see what we can do.