Reviews written about the PeeWee Pillow:

Mums Baby Magazine - written August 2010

New Age Mama Blog - written December 2010

Feed Back

Thank you so much for the quick delivery, I got them Monday morning. WE LOVE THEM! We used it yesterday and my son just loved it because he can put it on himself and his head fits just perfect and does not force his head forward like all the other pillows I have bought over the past few years. I am so happy to have found your pillow as I have told myself I wish someone would invent a pillow for infants/toddlers that was not to thick in the back which just forces their little heads forward. I used to have to pull off the road just to push his head back or move it from hanging off to the side, etc....I know you know what I am talking about, that is why you created such a wonderful little pillow for our little precious heads. We will use them on our trip. Thank you!
I will refer as many people to you as I can. Good luck with your sells.

Anita Smith, Newbury Park, Ca


I ordered the princess travel pillow from you last month and I wanted to let you know it works great! When my daughter rests her head either side, the pillow is wide enough to support her head fully. Once in while her head goes forward if there is a bump in the road, but there is really nothing that can prevent that. The thin back of the pillow makes a big difference in keeping their head against the back of the car seat.

 Again, thanks for a wonderful product!



A while back I won a giveaway through Kostiuk Krew blog and I received one of your wonderful Travel Pillow-Infant Neck Support for my son.
I just wanted to let you know that I love the pillow. We always keep it in the car because my son constantly falls asleep while we are on the road. The pillow allows him to be more comfortable and it makes me feel better knowing that my son won't wake up with his neck all crooked.
Thank you so much for offering these fabulous products.

Best regards,
Emy Segarra


A couple of Etsy Feed Back

 LOVE LOVE this pillow! It is soft and cushiony! My son loved the buzz lightyear print! Thank you so much!

So very cute and well made. Thank you for super fast delivery and great communication. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

This is great! My daughter loves the fabric and it is going to be perfect for our long-haul flight. I am very happy with my purchase.Thanks so much!

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