How We Got Started

Hi, welcome to PeeWee Gear!

I am the wife of a wonderful man for fourteen years and a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful kids for the past seven years.  I left my career back in 2004, just before my first child was born.  It has been amazing to witness every step in their little lives! 

I have always loved sewing and crafting, but had little time to pursue my hobby.  I started PeeWee Gear when my daughter was just under one year old.  We travel often in the car and she was growing fast and was ready to move up to a bigger car seat.  I tried everything to make her comfortable and keep that poor little head a little straighter, including rolled up receiving blankets which always fell down and other pillow-type devices which just seemed to push her head forward.  This is when I decided to make something myself!  Using both of my kids (my son was two years old and my daughter was ten months old) as models, we developed The PeeWee Pillow and started PeeWee Gear.  The company began as a small and fun operation, allowing me to make gifts and participate in craft shows.  As PeeWee Gear grows, I have more fun with it everyday and it is helping me stay home with my kids.

As my daughter grows, she is inspiring me to expand my business.  She became our little dancer from the minute she started walking and parading around on her tippy toes.  So now we are proudly making beautiful girl tutus, which are not only great for dance, but also for just simply dressing up - a girl’s favorite pass time!

My dear husband was the inspiration to my newest product, "The Man Blanket".  Yes, you read correct, it's a blanket designed for a man.  I think most guys out there will relate with my husbands problem.  You try to get comfortable on the couch on a cold winter night with one of your throw blankets, yet they are all too short.  You can't find a blanket that is long enough to cover your toes and your chest at the same time.  I have the perfect fix, "The Man Blanket".  It's just over 4' wide and 7 1/2' long, perfect for all tall men.  Please check them out!

Selecting just the right fabric pattern from my large selection makes shopping fun and adds a personal touch to your PeeWee Pillow.  With all my fabric and color choices you would think I had it all covered.  However, I still get many welcome requests for new patterns.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have a baby theme or are looking for a special fabric.  Some of my special requests have then turned into great sellers.  I love to try new things as well.  If you are looking for something special or homemade please ask.  If I can do it, I would love the opportunity to serve you! 

For inquiries, please feel free to contact me at

 Joe'l Wellonen