The Man Blanket - Extra Long Throw Blanket - Special Order


These Throw Blankets are made to ordered, depending on fabric availability they take 1 to 2 weeks for shipment, feel free to contact us for approximate time**  However, I do have a few in stock - Look at the following item for those that are in stock - Man Blankets IN STOCK


The "Man Blanket" - a throw blanket designed for a man.

Are you tired of not being able to find a throw blanket long enough to cover both your toes and chest at the same time, having to use two blankets instead.  PeeWee Gear has the solution for you!!

The "Man Blanket" is about 5' wide and 8' long.   It is the perfect size to keep your chest and feet warm at the same time. No more cold feet while lounging on the couch after a long day of work.  (Custom sizes can be special ordered - $10 a foot).

These Man Blankets are made with very soft Velboa Faux Fur, which doesn't shed and washes beautifully!  You will love the soft feel and weight of the fabric. The woman or child in the house will want one of their own (notice the picture of my son asleep in daddy's blanket, we have one for each member of the family).


Matching Pillows can also be ordered.

We have different colors and designs available.  However, if you prefer your favorite sports team or another fabric I'd be happy to work on your special order.


When ordering be sure to select the fabric choice for each side. You can choice one fabric for both sides if you want a solid blanket. If you want to mix a fabric from another listing that is also fine, just let me know in a message.