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PeeWee Pillow

The Perfect Infant to Adult Travel Pillows, Neck Support

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Extra Small (Infant) – Recommended for 4 months to 18 months

(I don’t suggest using till the child has head control)

Small (Toddler/Child) – 11 months and up (5 or 6 years)

Medium (Child) - 5 can up (about 10)

Large – Larger Children 10 and up and woman

Extra Large – Men

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Regular PeeWee Pillow with your fabric choice


SLIP COVER PeeWee Pillow

This PeeWee Pillow is the same as pillow described below with one simple change, it has a zipper cover.  The pillow inside is plain white cotton.  It then has the zipper Slip Cover.  This pillow is great for those who wish to wash there pillow more often.  The regular pillows can be placed in the washer and dryer on gentle cycle, however as with all pillows if this is done to often the pillow will become deformed.  This is why we created the Slip Cover PeeWee Pillow – for all those who would like to wash more often.


The PeeWee Pillow is U shaped made very narrow at the back of the neck to keep from pushing the Toddler / Child’s head forward.  Instead the child’s head will tilt slightly to the side and find the comfortable pillow (the back is simply to keep the pillow in place).  The sides are wide and soft to provide a soft pillow on the shoulder, preventing a crazy kinked neck.  If used with a car seat the wide sides push against the sides of the car seat to provide more support and less movement.


Terrific travel pillow – use it anywhere… cars, strollers, planes, off road vehicles, baby swings, ect…

Supports peewee’s head and neck…less fussing …sleeps more sound

Also great for those with handy caps in wheel chairs

Easy enough for kids to put on and off unlike other installed pillows

All created and handmade by this caring mom, in a non-smoking home

Made with 100% Cotton shell and Polyester hypo-allergenic fiber fill

Machine wash and dry (delicate cycle), however, if washed to often it will become misshaped and lumpy.  If you want to wash often consider one of my Slip Cover pillow.

Lots of cool fabric designs

Will take special orders for Fabric Selection

Matching Blankets and Bags available

Beware of imitations of lesser quality. 

The PeeWee Pillow is the original narrow neck pillow that doesn't push your child's head forward. 

We stand behind our design and product.